I have a Brompton that I love dearly and ride as much as I can. This page will eventually have some content about said Brompton.

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  1. Elieanthony says:

    That first photo is my favourite relaly lovely. I have a few bikes too 2 folding ones (can’t remember the make but cheapish ones with 3-speed twist grips very nice to ride) and my old 1955 Philips bike that one’s my favourite. It’s another 3 speed with hub gears and, while a little heavy, relaly nice to ride. I had mountain bikes for a while but all those gears complicating my ride annoyed me after a while I just wanted to drift along looking at the scenery!Carol.

  2. Dave H (@BCCletts) says:

    We’ll need to compare notes in EM/DM style – have owned B’s since 1989, I had dealings with Fiets a Parts (Simon before the big bust up)

    Broke parts of early frames on a regular basis & fed commentary back to Andrew R

    Built the first 2 extending seatposts after getting hacked off with bending & too short originals – took 5 years to press Brompton for a production model

    Currently riding ‘Dutch’ Brompton with coaster-freecoaster brake – just 3 main moving parts in the rear hub, no cables no rim wear, no hassles over wheel truing, rapid puncture repair, wheel in/out fully inflated. Absolute bliss as cone-clutch, fully disengages and total silence as you coast along.

    62-13 to get a reasonable gearing with 400mm o/d on tyres – around 80″ – mild considering I rode 56-13 (116″) on my regular fixed wheel road bike, and had 124″ on the gears when I had them.

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